Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Trans-Atlantic...Children's Favorites...(for real?)

Here's another popular 1980s PD re-hasher you may be familiar with. Trans-Atlantic of Hillside, NJ started putting their tapes with hilarious sleeves out on the market in 1986. In the following years, their sleeves would be updated at least twice and Children's Favorites as a series title would be replaced with the more sleek "Cartoon Favorites" (as you'll see later on.) IIRC, Trans-Atlantic may be one of the handful of companies consumed by Sterling in the mid-90s.
Enjoy the 1986 horror.


Mike Matei said...

Good God, where do I begin? Let's start with little audrey. Boy, she's wacky making that breakfast, huh? Too bad the hand holding the spoon is severely deformed. The only thing right on that cover is the word "tarts".
Little Lulu looks like a hooker after she was raped by the local football team and then hit in the face with a frying pan.
The Porky Pig cover just sucks. Look at the train behind him for starters. I don't recall many red steam engines for one thing but does it have to look like it was drawn in 12 seconds? It is totally flat. No illusion of depth whatsoever. Now, Lets talk about Porky. Holy shit! Look at how fucking bad he is drawn. He never looked anything like that in the warner bros cartoons I remember. His Hand looks like a crabclaw and does not look like its grabbing that money sack. And look at the shitty speed lines by his feet. That means he is running, in case you didn't know.
Okay, Now as for the Woody Woodpecker cover, what can be said? well, his tail is the wrong color to start with. His hair never looked that puffy and I don't buy the stock tounge out the mouth "crazy" expression. And the trees behind him look like algae not trees. And what is that fucking robot thing in the bottom left? Strange. Just Strange.
I don't really need to even say anything about the popeye cover. By looking at it, you don't need to be told that his legs are lumpy, his arms are deformed, and there's an extra stripe on his collar. But lets move on to the holy mother of dog shit box art. Good thing Stathes saved the best for last, which indeed "childrens cartoon classics" is. First let me ask, who would want to buy this tape with this kind of art on it? Nobody. That's who. Not even a mentally retarded bag of flaming horse feces would find appeal in this fucking catastrophe. When I think "cartoon" images like mickey mouse and bugs bunny pop in my mind. Not old bag ladies with shakey hands. And certainly not beige hounds doing the irish jig in front of a demented version of old king cole. By the way, notice the little musical not next to the dogs snout? I wonder what song is suppose to be playing? I'm guessing it's "the wheels on the bus go round and round". I hope someday Stathes makes posters out of this cover. They'd sell like hotcakes at The Arc.

Craig D said...


You've done a disservice to frying pans everywhere! (Loved the Woody - Sponge Bob team up you posted at GAC, BTW)

I see that the Cartoon Classics Vol. 2 caused a record explosion. A record explosion of what, exactly? (I think we all know!) ;-)

classicparamountcartoons said...

Would you do UAV Corproration tapes? I remeber I had "Old Macdonald's Farm" and another one with "Base Brawl" as the main cartoon.

Kevin W. Martinez said...

Little Lulu looks a bit like Sally Forth, and Woody Woodpecker's eyes look like those of Sonic the Hedgehog.