Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Messages for me

Thanks for the post, Arthur Lawrence

When I think about all of the times that I’ve seen a message on my computer that says Click Here, it’s almost too many to count. Every time that I go to a website it seems to have something pop up that says to click somewhere. I have to tell you, I’ve actually followed the link to a lot of these sites, and most of the time it’s one of those claims that seems to be too good to be true and then it actually is. But, I’m a sucker for trying- jus t in case I miss something that I regret missing later! The above link is for Satellite, which I purchased and LOVE. I’ve also gotten a few free movies from Red Box out of the deal. So far, I haven’t gotten any sort of virus on my computer, but my dad keeps telling me I have to be careful not to ‘trust’ sites that I don’t know anything about. I’m not going to lie- I’ll probably keep clicking until something bad happens—I just love a good deal that much!

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