Monday, October 31, 2011

RIP GAC Forums, hello Intellitoons

As many of you rabid classic animation fans now know, the old GAC forum is now ka-put. Golden Age Cartoons Forums had a nice 7 year run for which we graciously thank Jon Cooke, founder and administrator. The GAC forum was born as the Termite Terrace Trading Post, a category forum on ToonZone, but thanks to hostility from others at TZ who had little to no appreciation for Golden Age animation, the writing was on the wall and soon GAC was born as its own independent venture.

While I myself retired from GAC several weeks back in response to poor moderating and censorship as I saw it, it's been an overall sad experience to see the site go out to pasture.

Thad Komorowski and I have moderated our own forum, Intellitoons, since 2009. It has been completely inactive since that year but we encourage GAC expatriates to join and start some new topics at our forum. Visit today.

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When We Dance said...

i always love this sentence "that's all folks"