Sunday, March 4, 2012

Further Exploits of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Close friend and animation historian colleague David Gerstein has once again updated his Ramapith Blog with some fine material. His latest post, as of this writing, concerns Oswald the Lucky Rabbit; a character David has no doubt played a key role in helping to revive.

As readers might know from a previous post here, Oswald has been quite exploited as of late in the form of entertainment memorabilia auctions. David's latest post outlines the most recent problem being apparent forged poster sketches offered to auction houses. Since a 16mm print of the Oswald cartoon Hungry Hoboes recently fetched unreasonably high bids, there has been a great influx of either forged or worthless Oswald material making the rounds. Thankfully these auction houses are now wise enough to consult David on the items' authenticity. I urge readers to check out David's post here.