Thursday, February 5, 2009

NY Comic Con '09

It is only appropriate that I mention the NY Comic Con '09 here. On Saturday Feb. 7th, 2009 there will be a special panel event hosted by J.J. Sedelmaier and Howard Beckerman, both veteran animators. The panel is very directly related to the "It All Started Here!" exhibit as discussed here on the blog in that it is a presentation on the roots of New York Animation. So, if you're in the area or maybe you're already going- please stop by 1A07 (Saturday 2/7/09 4PM) in the Javits Center (visit for info) for:
A presentation by J.J. Sedelmaier and his co-curating cohort Howard Beckerman, telling the story of the New York area's place in the animation industry's history. That's right folks, cartoons started in NY not on the West Coast! Sedelmaier and Beckerman have organized an exhibit in conjunction with the Westchester Arts Council, The Jacob Burns Film Center, and The Picture House in Pelham, chronicling this very subject, and they're at New York Comic Con to show highlights of the exhibit and shattering the misconception that cartoons call only California home.
I've compiled a collection of clips encompassing the silent and early sound eras of animation as they occured in NY, including footage from several rare cartoons. It would be great to have you there and see it in person although I will probably make the short video available online afterward. See you there!

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