Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ken Priebe, Stop Motion Detective

Ken Priebe has posted a wonderful update on his blog The Boundaries of Fantasia in which his detective work and appreciation for all things stop motion animation are showcased. Ken's latest update, Explorations in Stop-Motion History moves from some interesting George Pal imagery (huge favorite of mine!) and then into the annals of something much more relevant to Stathesian animation studies, a [stop motion] animator of the silent era. Ken's musings and research on Howard Moss and his Mo-Toy and "Mugsy" character films is most interesting to me and I highly suggest readers here visit the blog post here.
As posted on Ken's blog and here several months back, a video shot of actual 16mm projection of a film done by Moss and re-released in the 1940s with a new title and narration.


Craig D said...

Thanks for the link to Ken's blog post. Who knew this cartoon had such a history? And it all took place in a toy store window...

Jess said...

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