Friday, February 23, 2007

LLL #2: Bobby Bumps' Adventures (1915)

In this #2 entry of Looks Like it's Lost, we bring you the synopsis of the second Bobby Bumps cartoon. Produced by Earl Hurd for Universal as a "Joker Split-Reel", this is the last cartoon in the series before Hurd went on to join forces with J.R. Bray and invent one of the most important animation innovations in the industry: the Cel Overlay technique.
Unfortunately, folks, "Looks like it's lost."

This is most likely a Moving Picture World review deposited at the Library of Congress as its copyright synopsis; where it has remained ever since.


ramapith said...

Don't worry, the comments will come. Maybe from people in the same building as you.

Mike Matei said...

nice. I'd like to hear about laugh-o-grams if you have them. There were 6 of those cartoons right?