Sunday, May 25, 2008

Silent Comedy (for a quick change)

Here are two clips recently found spliced together in a bunch of stuff I bought. As some of you may know, these things were cut up and retitled for home use. I transferred them on my brand new Tobin machine and uploaded them for the general good as well as so any keen historian out there can properly identify the origin of these clips...that is, the original theatrical titles.
Both star Henry [Harry] Murdock and the first costars George Burton. Enjoy.

*HILARIOUS* gag (in my opinion) involving an 'innocent bystander' of sorts being shot later in the first clip. Hah! Long live slapstick.

Friday, May 23, 2008

New Silent Cartoon DVDs

Well gang, I've put together 5 more DVDs for your perusal...

TS-32: Out of the Inkwell Vol. 4
Tantalizing Fly (1919)
Clown's Little Brother (1920)
Ouija Board (1920)
Koko Chops Suey (1927)
Koko's Hot Ink (1929)
Koko's Haunted House (1928)
Koko's Earth Control (1927)
Koko's Big Sale (1929)
Koko the Kop (1927)

TS-33 Mutt & Jeff
Ups and Downs (1926)
Accidents Won't Happen (1926)
Soda Jerks (1925)
Slick Sleuths (1925, original b/w)
Mixing in Mexico (1925)
Playing with Fire (1925)
Oceans of Trouble (1925)
Lots of Water (1925)
Slick Sleuths (1930 color)
Home Movie Clips Reel
(Special Thanks to Jerry Beck for some sources.)

TS-34 Farmer Alfalfa Vol. 4
Cracked Ice (1927)
Hunstman (1928)
Medicine Man (1927)
Mouse's Bride (1928)
Monkey Shines (1920s)
Coast to Coast (1928)
Sunday on the Farm (1928)
Buck Fever (1926)

TS-35 Farmer Alfalfa Vol. 5
Short Circuit (1928)
Wedding Bells (1920s)
Cat and the Magnet (1924)
One Hard Pull (1923)
On the Air (1920s)
Cat's Life (1920s)
Magic Boots (1920s)
Chemistry Lesson (1922)

TS-36 Farmer Alfalfa Vol. 6
Day at the Park (1920s)
Wonders of the Deep (1920s)
Closer Than a Brother (1925)
Window Washers (1925)
Ugly Duckling (1925)
Canadian Capers (1931)
Owl & Pussycat (1934)
Old Dog Tray (1935, silent version)

For ordering details, click the Tom's Vintage Film banner above on this blog and visit the DVD page.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Random Thoughts

Well folks, as you can see, I've been away from the blog for some time. This is due to the school semester winding down to a close among various other things. Thankfully this summer I will have ample time to dedicate to animation history related pursuits.
What is new in the life of Tom? Well, I've reached a goal that I had set some years back- that was to one day own a 16mm film transferring machine! I'm happy to report that I'm a proud owner of a brand new Tobin TVT-16 unit which gives great transfers right in my own home. No more risking my rare films in transit...some have in fact been lost that way! :-(
This means that now I will be able to not only put plenty of scarce material onto the market, but do it in a much more professional way than I had been doing formerly. As you can imagine, some projects are now in the works that will blow the minds of all you early/silent/obscure animation fans.
Besides working on this particular venture, I will have more time to update the blog- I've been looking forward to keeping it more up to date and keeping you guys and gals stimulated.
And now, I will treat you to a 'classic' from my 16mm collection, ROUGH ON RATS from Van Beuren. This is a quick transfer to video made while Thad Komorowski was visiting recently (hence him uploading it to youtube). Enjoy and I'll be seein' ya.