Wednesday, November 12, 2008

RIP, Emru Townsend

The animation community has lost a key contributor, Emru Townsend, to leukemia on 11 November 2008. My condolences go out to the Townsends and all else who were close with him.
For more information, visit CARTOON BREW
To learn more about donating bone marrow, please visit Heal Emru

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

NEW Dvd releases!

NEW For Late 2008- Five Early Animation DVD Releases!

Tom Stathes's WINTER CARTOON RARITIES! Featuring brand new, 'cool' and 'crisp' transfers from Tom's own 16mm film print library. Includes...

Alice's Orphan (Disney, 1925)
When the Snow Flies (Terry, 1927) Farmer Alfalfa beats himself up in this lost classic!
Skating Hounds (Van Beuren, 1928) More Farmer Alfalfa goodness.
Frozen Frolics (Van Beuren, 1930)
Snow Time (Van Beuren, 1930)
Krazytoons: Alaska Daze (Krazy Kat, 1932)
The Snowman (Ted Eshbaugh, 1933) A truly obscure cult-classic.
South Pole or Bust (Terrytoons, 1934)
Frosty the Snowman (1954)
Little Snow Flake (Sterling T.V., 1958)
The Toy Shop (Tiffany Color Symphony, 1928) An early Technicolor novelty short.

Retail: $20.00
Blog list price: $15.00


TS-37 Krazytoons (Brand new 16mm transfers) $20.00
Attention Baby Boomers and obscurity fans! Krazytoons were a series of older cartoons repackaged for ca1960 television. Most of the films were retitled and you've probably seen some of these in their original versions. Half the fun is identifying them correctly!

Slow Poke (Krazy Kat)
Birds (Van Beuren)
An Ill Wind (Iwerks)
Hunting Season (Van Beuren)
Boyhood Daze (Scrappy)
Cave Man (Ising)
Butcher (Lantz)
Western Whoopie (Lantz)
Three Blind Mice (NFBC)
Pixie Tricks (Deteriorated, Van Beuren)


TS-38 Cartoons at Home (Brand new 16mm transfers) $20.00
Here you will get a glimpse into how your ancestors enjoyed cartoons from the 1920s and 1930s at home by renting 16mm prints from various distributors before the days of television. You may have seen some of these in their original versions, but chances are you've not seen these alternate versions which have been out of use for sixty-plus years.

Fighting Flees (Kitty Kat Cartoons: Felix the Cat)
Alice's Tin Pony (Novelty Film Co.)
Racing Fever (Screen Attractions Corp.)
Tuning In (Unknown Dist.)
El Toreador (Unknown Dist.)
Midnight Frolics (Unknown Dist.)
War Daze (Unknown Dist.)
Magazine Rack (Screen Attractions Corp.)
Slight Fantastic (Screen Attractions Corp.)
Hey Fever (Hollywood Film Enterprises)


TS-39 Felix the Cat Vol. 5 (Brand New 16mm transfers) $20.00
Everyone's favorite cat is back again in time for his 90th birthday!

Felix Revolts (1923)
Felix Gets Broadcasted (1923)
Felix in Fairyland (1923)
Felix Finds 'Em Fickle (1925) excerpt
Felix Brings Home the Bacon (1924) Excerpt
Felix Follows Swallows (1925) excerpt
Felix in the Land of Fancy (1926)
Felix Trumps the Ace (1926)
Felix Dines and Pines (1927)


TS-40 Mutt & Jeff Vol. 2 (Brand new 16mm transfers) $20.00
Featuring lovely brand new cover art!

Cramps (1916)
A Kick for Cinderella (1924)
Invisible Revenge (1925)
Mummy O' Mine (1926)
The Globe Trotters (1926) excerpt
Westward Whoa (1926) Original b&w footage!
Aroma of the South Seas (1926; 1931 b&w/sound)
Aroma of the South Seas (1926; 1931 color/silent)

Shipping extra. Simply email if interested. Thanks always, friends.

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