Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Hiatus, Sort Of...

Well folks, as you regular surfers already know, I'm good at random and unexpected disappearing acts. While I never intentionally leave my blog to fester or ever like doing so, things come up that either distract or prevent me from posting new stuff to the blog.
I know y'all understand :-)
Hopefully soon I'll be uploading some cool stuff for you to enjoy. I visited one of the former Bray Studios locations and we took some pictures which I'll post shortly. I've been meaning to visit more of the old NY studio locations, that is, those of which still exist in the form of the original building.
In any case, see you all in blog land hopefully soon!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Conveying Power of Film

Recently I stumbled upon a nice website where you can post articles you've written and potentially generate revenue with adsense and other types of ads which are displayed on your article's page.
One of the first few I've written so far is titled Conveying Power of Film; basically a brief look at the power film has as a communicative, entertaining, and educational medium. I think some of my blog visitors might enjoy reading it...
Conveying Power of Film
If you enjoy writing, I'd recommend joining. Enjoy!