Thursday, April 19, 2007

LLL #3: A Barnyard Mix-Up (1915)

Now, I'm not sure if any Vincent Whitman cartoons survive. This one? Naaaah.:-(

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Things have been busy lately...sorry for the absence of moi from mein blog.
Along with the good people at PWEB | GamerCS (hosting) and with artistic help from Mike Matei, I am currently working on moving my DVD site to a .COM (yay!)
Say goodbye to a bland website and say hello to visual eye candy (for us early animation groupies, that is.)

Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Lost Tom Stathes Cartoon

Below you will find a YouTube video of a VERY short animation I did at age 10 or so. In a meager attempt to clean what I call my bedroom (which looks more like a condemned film archive these days), I found these drawings I had made. I scanned them and sent the drawings to my friend Dillon of DANDU STUDIOS, and the outcome was this nice video file.
The animated sequence is only around 5 seconds long. I was going for the look and feel of very early Bray cartoons...and in the fashion of "Mickey Mouse presents", this is a Colonel Heeza Liar cartoon presented by Goodrich Dirt (hah! talk about obscure.)
Now I feel like making cartoons!

Copyright 2007 by Tom Stathes, of course.

Thunderbean's new LITTLE KING DVD

If you're a fan of obscure and ancient cartoons, you'll need to check out the new Little King DVD collection from Steve Stanchfield and Thunderbean Animation.
Our blogger friend Lee Glover has written a well-constructed review of this DVD on his blog, Mice Laugh Softly Charlotte.