Sunday, February 17, 2008

It's February already?!

Wow, I didn't realize how long I've let the blog languish without updates. I suppose you can chalk it up to being busy with college, animation wheeling and dealing, and so forth.
So, what's new? I had the honor of attending the early Japanese animation show at the Japan Society on Saturday, Feb. 15th. What an enjoyable array of early cartoons...some funny, some hilarious, and others leaving you puzzled. Just my kind of mix!
Also at this show were good friends Mark Newgarden and Charlie Judkins.
{Entry has been edited}
Here are some cool silent film intertitles. I do not own the prints these came from, but some quick background info.
These were present in several World War 1 newsreels that were sold to the home movie market by Kodak's "Kodak Cinegraph" branch. Apparently the artist was of some large scale popularity at one point. The cards remind me of Bowers' AWOL (1918) and some of the art is reminiscent of Colonel Heeza Liar or Mutt & Jeff.

More soon!