Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Lost Tom Stathes Cartoon

Below you will find a YouTube video of a VERY short animation I did at age 10 or so. In a meager attempt to clean what I call my bedroom (which looks more like a condemned film archive these days), I found these drawings I had made. I scanned them and sent the drawings to my friend Dillon of DANDU STUDIOS, and the outcome was this nice video file.
The animated sequence is only around 5 seconds long. I was going for the look and feel of very early Bray cartoons...and in the fashion of "Mickey Mouse presents", this is a Colonel Heeza Liar cartoon presented by Goodrich Dirt (hah! talk about obscure.)
Now I feel like making cartoons!

Copyright 2007 by Tom Stathes, of course.


ramapith said...

Wow, a NEW Colonel Heeza Liar cartoon. I never thought the moment would come! (Actually, it's easy for me to imagine new webcartoons with any number of classic silent era characters...)

Craig D said...

Will you be having this transferred to Nitrate film stock next?

Think of it, Tom! You could pioneer the field of reverse film preservation!

Tommy José Stathes said...

That's OK Cap'n, first of all, the only source who would probably make nitrate stock these days would be in the Middle East (heh, heh) might cost some money.
Dream on, dream on... :-D

classicparamountcartoons said...

Wait a minute, did you name Goodrich, after the modern movie theater chain?
You must live in Michigan then or something...

Tommy José Stathes said...

Thanks for the good chuckle, pithecus. ;-)

Charlie said...

hey Tom,
do you know anything about Bray director Clarence Rigby, or the status of any of his "Miss Nannie Goat"


Tommy José Stathes said...

Hi Charlie,
Good question. There seems to be very little info on Rigby...also, the cartoons themselves no longer seem to be extant. There is supposedly a clip of one in a 1960s history of animation documentary entitled MAGIC LANTERN, but I've yet to see this film.