Saturday, November 24, 2007

USA Weekend, Nov. 24th-25th

If you happen to have it lying around the house, great!
If not, take a good look here:

Link to the online article.

***Please note, some of the details and specifics are skewed in this watered-down article, but it is exciting nonetheless!


Kevin Patrick Gannon said...

Nice! That's very cool, same page as Dustin Hoffman, congrats!

Charlie said...

I cant believe victoria principal got a photo and you didnt!

Anonymous said...

I almost passed out when I saw Newsday. I haven't seen you since you were a little boy! I grew up next door to your dad. He must be sooo proud of you! I checked you out on your blog and not only are you smart, but you are very handsome! I would love to see you and your family again. Please ask someone to contact me. I still work in the same place (they know).

Lynn Logan

Craig D said...