Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas, CartoonsOnFilm Style

Howdy Bloggers and Surfers,
Just in case I won't be able to post sooner, I figured I'd treat you all to a Christmas-themed post. I pulled a couple prints from my collection of obscurities and am able to share them with you, again, via my MacBook's iSight camera and YouTube.
As always, please overlook the amateur, poorly framed/focused and low-res image.

First we have a Cinepix Inc. bootleg of a well known Van Beuren cartoon. Note, however, that Cinepix used a silent home movie print and added a somewhat creative music track. Excuse the water damage in the first few feet...

How do you like that "heavenly" odd music that continues after the end title?

Second, a Krazytoons print of a more obscure 1930s cartoon (but with a very famous character). A very nice print for being a bootleg!

Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday season, and will be back blogging soon.


Charlie said...

Great stuff! I love columbia krazy!

Kevin Patrick Gannon said...

hey pal.
Thanks for the kind words. You are a wise man.
Loved the bootlegs. Keep em up!
Happy holidays to you too friend. Maybe I can get some christmas loot and buy another batch of 16!

Craig D said...

CINEPIX, have you no shame?

Tom, you should work with Steve Stanchfield to release a compilation of these cheese-balls! Putting soundtracks to silent, home-movie versions of sound cartoons is just too funny!

I hope you have the Merriest possible Christmas!