Thursday, October 2, 2008

Out of Print

Recommended viewing for my fellow true is this?


Jerry Beck said...

VERY true. I lived through all that - and have the crates iof 16mm film, books, 33 rpm records to prove it!

Tommy José Stathes said...

I only caught the very end tail of those times...everything seemed more special and valuable back then.

Mike Matei said...

Yeah, I could relate to that. Didn't get into the music and cassettes myself. But this was very true. I have to say though, I'd much rather it be the way it is now. Going through all that could get quite frustrating sometimes.

Plotbox said...

Hey, Thank you so much for embedding and sharing my video. I really appreciate it. The film is up for an award at a site called MetaCafe. If you have a chance to go vote for it there, it would be much appreciated.

Anyway, thanks again. Hope my self-promo post isn't too obnoxious.



Anonymous said...

Oh, the screaming memories! That was a large part of my leisure life on Sundays, for sure, rushing from garage sale to garage sale ... until 1987, when I brought home my first VHS deck. The CD player followed a few months later. But books still hold the magic they always did, and may that never fade from public view!

Chris Sobieniak said...

I think we've all gone through phases like this in our lives, especially around our teenage/young adult years when somehow this sort of thing became important to us. For me, it was something the qualities of film I couldn't get just by watching them on TV! Dumpster diving one faithful day after school proved to be my epiphany.

I can remember those days in the early 90's when I threw a fit if I read the want ads and found out a record show or a garage sale just ended yesterday, and I wasn't there to scourer through a endless sea of video cassettes, paperbacks and LP recordings like there was no tomorrow. Never quite got into the bootleg audio community at all, or I would've had a vast collection of live recordings from Hendrix to Nirvana and back. Video was another story, and I can blame that one $30 video of Song of the South for setting me on that highway to heck! Seemed like nothing would ever get released unless you went that extra mile to find what you had desperately wanted to see for years through those secretive channels.

I still get excited over something I may find on eBay from those days now and then, but the internet has obviously put a lot of this on the wayside like it never happened.