Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Off Topic: 1876 advice for 2009

In looking through my collection of FLUSHING DAILY TIMES newspapers from 1876-1880, I came across the following passage which I found interesting and appropriate for our current times.

One result of the present dullness in trade of all kinds will be the driving out of the credit system, and the restablishment of the cash basis permanently. When we reach the point where retail merchants will only sell for cash, then the prosperity of the people will follow, for then will money be valued higher than it is at present, and its purchasing power be better understood than it has been in the latter years of our national history.
-Flushing Daily Times, March 9th, 1876.


Mike Matei said...

Pretty good find.

Craig D said...

Flushing Daily?

I say you should do it more than once a day, but that's just me.