Friday, July 10, 2009

New "Wanted List" Website

I've started a new simple and free web page called Silent Cartoons Wanted. It's basically my want list of 16mm silent-era cartoons that will be updated in real time as I acquire prints. From now on the "Buying 16mm Cartoons" at the top of this blog will be linked to said page.

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Bob Lipton said...

Just a note, Tom, to say how much I enjoyed the show at the Slipper Club. It was an interesting assortment of silent and sound cartoons and even the Van Beurens, which I am not particularly fond of as a group -- except for the TOm & Jerrys -- showed much better on the screen than I had expected. I look forward to your next show in Manhattan. I do have a couple of suggestions:

1: Hit the computirized bulletin boards and talksites, such as Nitrateville, NYU, Cooper Union to make sure that those people know.

2: There are several colleges and universities in the area, such as NYU and Cooper-Union. Surely someone there must be interested, especially considering that NYU does have a film department.

See you,

Bob Lipton