Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New York Video Production

Those of us who know a thing or two about film history are aware that the industry flourished in the New York area. With its roots in the very late 19th century, most aspects of commercial production were born in or were perfected and monetized in New York and New Jersey. However, the Motion Picture Patents Company, of which Thomas A. Edison was part, drove then 'independent' film producers out of New York City. The MPPC's film camera patents only extended into the midwest, and the lush "free zone" of California proved to be the future hot bed for building a place where cinematic dreams could come true.

Clearly, most people think of Hollywood when discussing media production. California has historically been the center for film production but thankfully New York video production companies are still in full force and can be found with ease. After all, the medium was born here in New York and we in the film studies field are certain that will continue to be the case.


Pokey said...

What happened to your post on Television, starting with 1948 to 1960, some weeks ago?

Jessica said...

I have to admit that I am one of those people who thought that the film industry started in Hollywood. Thank you for clearing me up on that. I love film, so with my new-found knowledge, I too am thankful for new york video production companies.