Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Do you still use a watch?

Guest post by Allan Detloff

Back in my day, in the 1940s, watches were simply a must-have for any woman or gentleman. In any case, unless there was a traditional clock nearby, there would be no other way to tell the time. All it took was to look at your wrist or whip out a pocket watch to find out the hour of the day. Today's young folk are very far removed from that past reality. In fact, I see very few of the younger people wearing watches, or even looking at clocks around the house or in buildings...they can tell the time from their various electronic devices.

It can be said that there's a certain art to looking at a watch and especially being able to read analog time. Watches, quite simply put, are beautiful technical craftsman pieces and exude a charm not found in any digital clock of any sort. So, it bears meaning that any person, such as a reader of a blog like this dedicated to history of some fashion, would be interested in Seiko watches for example. Charm not only yourself; but onlookers as well...to wear a watch, nowadays, is to make an even more striking fashion statement than ever before. And you don't have to be a luddite to appreciate the complex craftsmanship that goes into producing a watch, either.

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