Friday, March 23, 2007

Kid Pics goes Jack [Warner] Crazy

Beloved blog fans, here is some more Kid Pics material for ya. If the Disney art didn't scare you enough, there will be much more of that later (snicker). On a sidenote, I did make some observations...not only was Kid Pics a division of Amvest Video, but also of Videofidelity Inc., which itself was a division of Audiofidelity Inc. (whew!). Audiofidelity, from the light online research I've done, seems to have been a huge corporation re-hashing all sorts of music and video material through the years. My next project is to track down the people behind this conglomeration.


Mike Matei said...

That is by far the worst drawing of Bugs Bunny I have ever seen in my entire life. Look at the glove leaning against the wall. They didn't even separate the fingers and there is no cuff. Now look at the letter Daffy is holding. The fold makes no sense. And his beak looks like a half baked piece of garlic bread. Even if you can somehow get over how bad the drawings are, then you are left with the background. Which is the most god awful assortment of colors they could have possibly picked. But wait, throw in a deformed rectangle and text done by a retarded second grader and you win the prize for most shitty art to come out of 1980's VHS box art.

Nice post Stathes!

Charlie said...

oh man!

Those covers are so beautifully bizzare!

Levi said...

Amvest Video's flagship in the late 80s was their line of Grampa Presents tapes, featuring Al Lewis reprising his role of "Grampa" Munster. It's surprising they weren't also sued by Universal.

As strange as this sounds, I not only collect Amvest Video tapes, but I'm trying to put together a list of their releases. Is there anyway you could supply me with the tapes catalog numbers and the year they were released?

Tommy José Stathes said...

Hi Levi, please get in touch through email...instructions are in the “get in touch” panel on the right.


Mike Matei said...

Levi, The King of Silent Cartoons and I have been compiling lists like these for years.

Grampa Amvest Tapes:
Night of the Living Dead
Little Shop of Horrors
The Terror
Devil Bat
Horror Hotel
The Ape Man
Frankenstein's Daughter
Godzilla Vs. Megalon
White Zombie
Ghosts on the Loose
The House of Exorcism
The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant
Spider Baby
Spooks Run Wild
Indestructable Man
Corpse Vanishes
Phantom from Space
Who Killed Doc Robin
Killers from Space
Human Monster
Scared to Death
Vampire Bat
Death Race 2000
Phantom of the Opera
Invisible Ghost
Bride of the Gorilla
Carnival of souls
Witches Curse
Snow Creature
Battle of the Worlds
Dementia 13
Alice Sweet Alice
Radar Men from the Moon (Part I)
Radar Men from the Moon (Part II)
The Death Kiss
Yog, Monster from Space (Space Amoeba)
First Spaceship on Venus
The Crawling Eye
Giant from the Unknown
Immediate Disaster aka stranger from venus
The Last Woman on Earth
The Living Head
Mesa of Lost Women
Missile to the Moon
Monster from Green Hell
Nightmare Castle
The Robot Vs. The Aztec Mummy
Mars Attacks the World
Satan's Satellites aka Zombies of the Stratosphere
The Island Monster
Wild Women of Wongo
Wrestling Women Vs. The Aztec Mummy
Climax / Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
She Demons
Creature from the Haunted Sea
The Ape
The Phantom Creeps

For Kid Pics Amvest tapes, here's a chart

Bearhunter said...

I remember we rented these things in the 80s. They were like 4 or 5 cartoons - one decent one with the star and the others you had never heard of, mostly 3 rate studios like Harmanizing, Terrytoons (Long before Mighty Mouse) and Ub Iwerks along with MGM and all of the cartoons were like 1930 to 1934, earliest sound possible and some of the racist ones like Scrub me mama with a boogie beat (I watched it around 1989 and forgot it until YT had it in 2008 - I thought it was called Beat up de boogie sax ma)

These were baddd!