Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Haven't forgotten you!

Howdy-do loyal bloggers and surfers...just letting you know I have not forgotten you nor abandoned this blog. The menagerie of college forms and other tasks appropriate to these times, well, cut into my blogging time. I'll be back soon. :-D


Craig D said...

Hey, Tom!

Best of luck with your Finals, HS Graduation, Prom, College Application and what-not. Where are you hoping to go and what'll your major be?

Let's hear it for the class of 2007!

Tommy José Stathes said...

Thanks Craig!! I'm going for an associates in Digital Art...that'll be uber useful for web applications and (could you guess?) digital film restoration. After that I'd like to get a masters in Film Studies. Who knew?!
Talk to you soon, Cap'n :-D

Craig D said...

Tom: Are Alice Comedies like THIS one from Holland or something? Seems I remember reading in "Walt In Cartoonland" that certain titles are in a film archive in The Netherlands, somewhere.

Looks like some really nice prints were broadcast in Europe at some point! Do you have any of them on video?

(And yeah, yeah, I know! IN TWO WEEKS blah blah blah blah blah!)

Tommy José Stathes said...

In short, YES! Excepting this particular entry, quite a few of the 1924 Alices on my DVDs are sourced from hi-quality European prints....we need to trade :-D

Craig D said...

Yeah! Unfortunately, we've both been busy! Drop me a line when you're ready to do bidness.

Continued best of luck with your transition from HS to college. (Hmmm... a student loan would pay nicely for one of those TRV-16s, don'tcha think? And it would be related to your course of study!)