Monday, July 9, 2007

Updates, etc....

It seems we may have identified the cartoon in the below post. GeneS from the Animation Show Forums tells me that this may very well be Ivanov-Vano's 1955 film "V nektorom carstve" based on the Russian tale of The Magic Pike. Thanks, GeneS!

In other news, last night I discovered that a cartoon I've been wanting to see exists in an archive. I'm going to try my best to obtain a copy; after all, the film (like so many of the silent cartoons I still do not have) is Grandfather-Claused (copyrighted and/or publicized before 1923) and is no longer protected by copyright. More details on this later--hopefully I can dig up some information.

I'm hoping to complete the new .COM I posted about awhile back. The new DVD site will be very aesthetically attractive and visually honoring of our favorite silent-era cartoon characters. I'm also hoping to coincide the design of new and improved DVD cover sleeves to appear once the new site is finished.

Without a transfer machine, there is not much more material I can make available on DVD. Hopefully this will change soon.

Well, that's enough for today's random ranting & raving, so stay tuned for more informative posts on rare and obscure early animation.

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