Thursday, January 3, 2008

Welcome to 2008!

Well friends, a new year is here. This year I hope to venture into some new animation history-related projects.

2007 has been my best year yet in terms of cartoon discoveries, meeting new people in the field, and all sorts of wonderful things.
While we've corresponded for a very long time, I was finally able to meet Jerry Beck and Mark Newgarden in person, two highly accomplished historians/collectors and individuals I highly respect. Cool new acquaintances include Mike Matei, Marc Deckter, Kevin Gannon, Charlie Judkins, and Jared Whitham. Heck, I was even quoted in a national publication! (See USA Weekend post somewhere below on this page).

Of course I will put out some new DVDs (maybe even tinker with some restoration work? who knows!). What I really need to get is an Elmo TRV-16 or a new Tobin TVT-16 transfer machine to do professional in-house transfers.

For the longest time I've had an itch to put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard...and perhaps start work on a book. Whatever it would be about, you can bet your bottom dollar I would shed light on some obscure aspect of silent animation. Many studio stories have been told in-depth by very well researched historians, but due to availability issues, not much has been written about the films themselves....I'd like to change that.

Anywhoo, I just hope all of you have a Happy and Healthy 2008. Keep stress levels low, reconnect with friends, and do the things you enjoy most. I'll sign off with a recent YouTube upload from yours truly...a 1920s stop-motion film reissued in the 1940s with corny narration by Sterling Films.


Craig D said...

Hey, don't forget that you became a GAC moderator in 2007! (Belated congratulations, BTW.)

Ha! I have a print of that TOYLAND ICE CAPADES, as well. The line "Oh, he slipped!" got a really big laugh when I ran it for some friends back in the 80s.

"Bye, now!"

Tommy José Stathes said...

Hahahah! I roared when he said "Oh, she slipped" as well. Oh, and when Mugsy says "Hello" to the couple...could he sound any more macho?

Kevin Patrick Gannon said...

Amen brother
write that book it would be ill

Charlie said...

thanks for the shout, and congradulations!

That characature is genius!

Marc Deckter said...

Happy New Year, Tom! Here's to another great year of crude silents!

Duck Dodgers said...

I have to confess that I have neglected too much silent animation.
As soon as I'll be satisfied of my collection of sound cartoons (guess this willl happen in a mtter of 5-6 years. It keeps growning every month!), my next goal will be to collect Felix cartoons (I've seen a few of them and I love them!) as well as Koko and Terry stuff-
Hope I'll have your help. You and David are the "authorities" I know about silent animation.

huemulin comics said...

I am journalist here in Chile.I am looking for info the chilean pionner animators.The animator one was Alfredo Serey, he saw the Matt & Jeff cartoon and he made a first chilean film in our country in 1921.I saw your blog and effort and I want to congratulations for your kind work.Regards.

Mike Matei said...

when I get a chance I have to go through all the silents you sent me and see how many felix shorts I have. Is Felix in love on any of your dvds? I don't think I have that yet.