Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Felix the Inventor!

Another gem from my 16mm collection is an Astra TV print of FELIX TURNS THE TIDE (1922), so appropriately (yet confusingly) titled The Inventor. If you've seen the Radio & Television Packagers redrawn cartoons of the 1970s, you may notice that the colorized version of this Felix cartoon is also titled The Inventor. As I've suggested elsewhere (and maybe here on the blog, though I forget), most of the sources for that batch of redrawns were the Astra TV prints. I'm currently trying to research the connection between the two.


Marc Deckter said...

No budget for nude models? But they don't even have to pay for their clothes!

Thanks for posting another 16mm gem btw. I really enjoy how confusing it gets with the new titles and various sources... The mystery and strangeness adds another layer of enjoyment.

Craig D said...


You should start a series of ASTRA TV PRINT compilation DVDs now that you have the TVT-16.

Do it.

Linda Glover said...

Great idea, Craig! I've started to become strangely addicted to these Astra TV prints.

I will post a redrawn version of "The Inventor" om my blog very shortly - with a link to this great post.

Tommy José Stathes said...

Addicting they are, at least to those of us who appreciate obscure 'stuffs'. The DVD set sounds like a good idea...perhaps it should be in the lineup of the more professional Stathescope dvds to come out hopefully by the year's end!