Thursday, February 19, 2009

Youtube Anniversary: Rare Treat

Today marks exactly two years that I have been posting videos to YouTube and nearly 3 years that I have been a member there. All of you following my videos will notice that the quality of them has varied but of late improving thanks to my purchase of a 16mm transfer machine a few months back. Like postings here on the blog, video uploads are sparse or sporadic but will be added to in the future.
Today's treat for you guys is a short clip from a Little Orphan Annie cartoon. I'm not exactly sure of its origin (yet) but it was distributed to the home movie market in the 1940s and probably dates to the 1930s. It may have been made with sound but this is a silent print. Also note, I received the film in an extremely "light" copy and did all the tweaking I could on iMovie to make it watchable even though it is still partially unintelligable. Gain from it what you may, but it's certainly a forgotten and orphaned film.

Although it's barely visible in the video, here is a decent composite frame from the opening shot that I was able to tweak...


Craig D said...

What the..?

A Little Orphan Annie cartoon?!?!?

I never, ever heard of such a thing and I used to haunt those old ATLAS & CARNIVAL bins on a regular basis.

Any more of these out there?

Tommy José Stathes said...

Good question! This was distributed (and probably produced by) the same two outfits that made/sold the Lone Ranger may have caught the thread about those some time back on Animation Show forums.
Perhaps this never made it to 8mm...mine is a 40s 16mm print. 25 feet. Oh! And I don't think the 8mm dupers took anything shorter than 50ft 16mm source material.

Unknown said...


These were probably done by the McCrory studio.

I believe I've seen his credits on a LONE RANGER and a BUCK ROGERS home movie cartoons of the same era.

Others in this series included SMITTY and probably other Tribune characters.

Mike Matei said...

i'm surprised there weren't more little orphan annie cartoons made