Sunday, March 22, 2009

Intellitoons Forums

To all the followers and surfers:
Please join Intellitoons Forums, hosted by Thad Komorowski and myself.
We welcome all intelligent discussion relating to classic cartoons as well as offering a generously liberal platform to speak your mind on virtually all topics- including off topic ones!
Remember folks, please register with your real name as the user name.


Craig D said...

AM still waiting for the "intelligent" part to start. Thanks for having me there.

P.S. "Corndogs!"

Kevin W. Martinez said...

I just signed up for an account.

I hope you guys don't reject me.

Craig D said...

Hey - whatever happeed to that "use your real name" rule?

Here's a catchy slogan for you:

"Intellitoons - Home of the best fed toon trolls on the interent!"

Catchy, no?