Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Blogger Special- February

Cherished blog readers,
Announced only here*, all 23 of my Early Animation DVDs are half price this month.
Help support my cause and buy a DVD or two or three or 23 :-D
For those of you that haven't checked out my sales site, here is a quick list of what's available:
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
Alice Comedies (vol. 1-3)
Felix the Cat (vol. 1-4)
Farmer Alfalfa (vol. 1-3)
Aesop's Fables
Aesop's Sound Fables
Bray Rarities
Krazy Kat
Out of the Inkell (vol. 1-2)
Koko Song Cartunes
Rare Silent Cartoons
Stop Motion Madness
Bobby Bumps

For content info, follow the link at right.

(Questions, etc...send them through the forms on my site.)
*I had originally announced on the forums about having an overstock and selling some at half price, but I've since decided to have the sale apply to all compilations.


Tommy José Stathes said...

*I* suppose you shall be a believer...and be amazed :-D

Charlie said...

hey Tom,
do you know the condition of Bray's original colonel heeza liar cartoons? Do they still exist? Do you have them?

Tommy José Stathes said...

Hi Charlie,
A handful do exist. There is one on my Bray Rarities DVD; Heeza Liar At the Bat (1915).
I have another on 16mm and will hopefully acquire two more in the near future. He's one of the 'forgotten' character I hope to pair up with Happy Hooligan, Goodrich Dirt, etc in future DVDs.