Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Word from 'Rashoom'

I'd just like to share this wonderful statement, as posted by Rashoom on the Animation Show Forums.
"[Tom], you can post all you know about the silent cartoons, and there will still be blank spots. In sharing the information you do know on your blog, you're now open to people from around the world who may be able to contribute some of the information you do not know. A lot of information is present in the shorts themselves. A lot of things that were mundane and commonplace back then seem new and alien to us. We see things in these cartoons that belong in museums today--things like telephones, cars, clothing, tools, and hair styles. Human nature, however, is still the same. That's why Felix is so enjoyable. That's why Alice is still so adorable. That's why we can still laugh at "Humorous Phases of Funny Faces", and the antics of Gertie. In just finding these cartoons, and in distributing them to the masses, you have told us much more about these shorts than we would ever have known from an interview. Any extra information about the people who made these cartoons, or the current events at the time they were being made, is an added bonus. Thanks for sharing what you do know, and adding to our knowledge of the silent era of animation."

What nicer words could be said? A big thanks to Rashoom.
I'll be posting something new either today or tomorrow. Stay tooned ;-)

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