Friday, February 23, 2007

LLL #2: Bobby Bumps' Adventures (1915)

In this #2 entry of Looks Like it's Lost, we bring you the synopsis of the second Bobby Bumps cartoon. Produced by Earl Hurd for Universal as a "Joker Split-Reel", this is the last cartoon in the series before Hurd went on to join forces with J.R. Bray and invent one of the most important animation innovations in the industry: the Cel Overlay technique.
Unfortunately, folks, "Looks like it's lost."

This is most likely a Moving Picture World review deposited at the Library of Congress as its copyright synopsis; where it has remained ever since.

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Mike Matei said...

nice. I'd like to hear about laugh-o-grams if you have them. There were 6 of those cartoons right?