Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More from that Krazy Kat cartoon...

Special thanks to Craig D. for uploading these frames from his Super 8 print of that Krazy Kat cartoon. I have the same version on Standard 8mm, but sadly no quick easy way to take screenshots.

Here is a list of the 1925 Winkler Krazy Kats taken from Denis Gifford's American Animated Films: The Silent Era, 1897-1929. (McFarland, 1990). I suppose all of these home movie prints are from the 1925 entries, as the design and composition is slightly different from later titles held at BFI.

Hot Dogs
The Smoke Eater
A Uke-Calamity
The Flight That Failed
Bokays and Brickbatz
Hair Raiser
The New Champ
James and Gems
Monkey Business

Hmmm...could it be A Uke-Calamity?


Craig D said...

Hmmm...could it be A Uke-Calamity?

...or possibly "Monkey Business?" Make me wonder if that monkey might re-appear after the tooth-pulling scene.

Tommy José Stathes said...

The problem is that there was "monkey business" going on in quite a few of them...so were love situations! I've got to thumb through some more Moving Picture World microfilm when I get the chance.